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Welcome to Horse Sense, the home of Lazy R Ranch.
What you will find on this site includes ...
We represent a variety of services: Horsedoc Equine Health Care and Husbandry information, ProEquus of North America Equine Technologies, we provide web assistance for a W-W Livestock Systems distributor Little Flint Ranch in West Point, Indiana.  Also available is the Web site for Lazy R Ranch.
Also, we are the North American distributor of the premier German agricultural and equine footing and flooring products, systems and equine technologies, which include ...
Lazy R Ranch Miniature Horse Barns and Stalls - durable and convertible.
ecoraster® - The original "HIT-GRID", before HIT Equine Technologies began using another product - but continued to use the same brand name as before. This is what was previously written about the ecoraster product, many years ago ...
"When horses dream, what horses dream of . . ."
HIT's HIT-GRID equine footing and flooring system. For use in stables and barns, stalls and aisles, paddocks and dry lots, driveways and parking areas, and more . . .
HIT'sThe Active Stable and FeedMaster.
Save Labor.
Improved Digestion and Metabolism.
Save time and "free up" your daily routine.
It's the 21st century. Using modern technology now makes it possible to maintain your horses in the way that is best for them, while still saving time, labor, and money for you!
 Horsedoc, "Plain Talk about Horse Health."
Easy to read articles written over a period of twenty years, by Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM, AAEP.
Most articles take 1-3 minutes to read, and each addresses a specific topic.
The Web site provides a Table of Contents, Article Search function, Visual Site Map, and many more features ("cute horse pictures" from our guests is very popular).
No more searching for hours on the Internet for a few minutes of information about your horse: just go to Horsedoc, read a few articles about any certain topic, and get back to your horses with the information you need!
 Little Flint Ranch, distributor of W-W Livestock Systems.
If you buy the best, you'll never be sorry!
   1. Equine Equipment, everything from a single stall to complete rodeo arenas, all built W-W STRONG.
   2. Our line of products includes multi-use show barns, three classes of panels and gates, and modular-expandable build as you go stables. You can start with a single stall in an existing barn facility, and later expand to a hundred-unit stable: all under the same roof. If you want to start small and expand as needed, W-W can provide everything you need.
   3. Cattle Management Systems including sorting hubs, sweep alleys, BeefMaster manual and Cattleman Hydraulic squeeze chutes, calf cradles, loadout chutes, Longhorn chutes, head gates, high gates and more.
   4. Rodeo Equipment, previously used for decades by the National Finals Rodeo in Reno and the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, etc...

If you want to know what kind of roughstock or rodeo equipment the professional cowboys PREFER to use, then ...
ask any Rodeo Performer what the "big boys" use themeslves, and they'll tell you: W-W is the equipment of choice!
Miss Real Twist finishing second, fighting against her rider, trying to win this race.
 The Lazy R Ranch web site.
The Lazy R Ranch has been relocated since the passing of its founder, Richard Darell Rector. His widow, Audrey Rector, has returned to her hometown in Louisiana, and is rebuilding the Lazy R Ranch nearer to her family and lifelong friends. His son has relocated to the Monroe, Washington region and is moving some of the horses out here.
Although the Lazy R Ranch web site is in a constant update/renewal mode, I have left "the old Lazy R Ranch web site" up and running, as a tribute to its founder, Richard "RD" Rector (Dad).

Browers:  This web site relies on CSS ("cascading style sheets," a system of creating web sites) to define its look and attributes. It has been tested in MsInternetExplorer IE6, Netscape 6 and 7 and Opera 6 [or even on Firefox]. This Web site will not work as it should in Netscape 4. I love the Netscape browsers (the Netscape 4.73 version is my alltime favorite), but the Netscape 4 browser is nearly 4 years old now [actually 10 years old now in 2009, at this update], and Netscape 4.73 came out when CSS was just beginning. It is therefore recommended that all Internet users upgrade to the latest browsers, if their computer is able to run the newer browsers.
     Upgrading your browser is a painless experience. It will greatly improve your ability to fully utilize and enjoy the Internet, and will benefit you in the long run. Although we do our best to make sure that this web site works in current browsers, we cannot guarantee 100% compatability with all browsers. If you have any problems displaying this web site, please visit the web page at Horsedoc that has instructions and active hyperlinks to the various browsers' web sites, where you may download the latest versions for free.

Acknowlegements:  I would like to thank Dr. Robert L. Leonard, DVM, for the opportunity to work with him in developing his New Concept web site. Dr. Leonard's official Business Web site lists his business contact information, location (MAP), phone and FAX, and so on. His "Eguine Notes" articles are hosted on this HorseSense Web site.
Also deserving of citation: Paul Hellebrand, whose business HorseSense NonRestraint Horsemanship inspired this domain Name.
Paul and Linda and Sarah Cummings, of Willow Springs, Missouri were a tremendous source of friendship and assistance during my stay in Missouri, during my father's illness. They also purchased from us two remarkable colts, LRR Rain Man and LRR Silver ("Charlie").
Paul is the most skilled horseman I have ever personally met, much of the magic he performs with horses is impossible.
The last time I heard form Paul, he was relocating HorseSense NonRestraint Horsenmanship to North Carolina, and had contracted some business with several operations in Europe (Denmark and/or Germany, I believe). If you come across this Web site, Paul or Linda or Sarah Cummings, I would very much like to hear from you.
Graphic Design: Finally, I admitted that I do not possess a gift for graphic design. The overall "look" or theme of this web site was provided by Diane at Designs By Duchess. Thanks Diane.

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