Step 1, preparing the soil:
The area at hand had already been used as a paddock. The existing mix can but does not need to be shifted. A slight shifting of the existing mixture of fleece particles, sand and horse manure has an additional advantage: that the final paddock elevation does not rise above the level of the surrounding area.
On the other hand, the grid can also be installed directly onto the existing ground. In this particular case we decided to level the existing soil and top it with a thin drainage layer consisting of gravel and grit. The fine layer of grit helped to level the surface. The grit layer should not exceed 0.78 inches, if possible. HoofGrid would also allow for a uniform layer of 1/2 inch gravel. The entire sub-base measures between 2 and 2.75 inches, and must be riddled and rolled. (More Details)
Alternative 1:
Installation without sub-base. In this case, the HoofGrid is deposited directly onto the original, leveled surface without an additional sub-base and is subsequently riddled.
All rocks need to be removed prior to the grid installation. When compacted into the soil, the grid will sink approximately 0.78 inches into the ground.

Alternative 2:
If the subsoil is extremely soft, a stabilizing layer of fleece can be applied underneath the bearing layer, which will increase the stability of the gravel layer.
Delivery of the HoofGrid system:
After the soil has been prepared, the HoofGrid soil grid system is being delivered.
For medium-sized and larger areas, HoofGrid will be delivered immediately prior to the construction. This has the additional advantage that the pallets do not need to be stored, taking up valuable space. For smaller areas up to 956 sq. yd., we recommend ordering the material well in advance.

For complete loads, the material will be unloaded from a high-lift truck or, as shown here, using a specially equipped tractor. Upon request, the trucks can be equipped with a hydraulic lift, which will enable convenient and swift unloading of smaller quantities, as well.


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