The original equestrian footing and flooring grid system
Proven Permanent Paddock Solutions
For horse paddocks and runouts, equine barns and shelters, stables and stalls, aisles and washing areas, and more . . .  No more mud, ever!  Perfect footing all year round, loadbearing capacity up to 35 tons / square foot, yet flexible and elastic from -30 to +180 degrees.  Water permeable, pervious, easy to install, and healthy for your horses.
If horses have dreams ...
...What Horses Dream Of.

The original alternative to concrete or asphalt paving.  Easy to install, crack-free, natural grass or stone driveways and walkways.  Cars cannot damage the grass. Crushed limestone stays  put: will not rut, form potholes, shift or migrate.  An environmentally sound, ecologically friendly and easy to install permanent solution to most ground or lawn problems around your home.
A perfect solution for driveways or parking, public or private.

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