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For Being There...

[Some doggerel I wrote a very long time ago.  I made this poem into greeting cards and sold them on consignment in local stores.]

For Being There...

I am me.
I have a friend.
Sometimes we find
some time to spend.
We don't do much.
We sit and talk
Or, silent, share
an evening walk.
She has her life.
I have my own.
But side by side
we're still alone.
For I am me.
And she is she.
Still, somehow,
we make company.

She does not know what makes me blue
or why I act
the way I do.
She knows not why my heart exalts,
or why I cry
at pleasant thoughts.
She cannot share my lonely grief
but being there
is some relief.
She, smiling, nods and comprehends
that I am me,
and we're good friends.
~Mark Rector