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A very brief description of some of the Features and Benefits of the HIT Equine Systems

HIT Equine Technologies

What Horse Dream Of . . .

  • HIT's The Active Stable and FeedMaster have swept European horse owners and breeders off their collective hooves. It is undoubtedly the greatest advance in Equine Management and Technology since Oats and Baled Hay. This is the only system in the world that allows you to maintain your horses in healthy "natural herds," while still maintaining complete control over each horse's rations.
  • Save Labor: No more need to gather each horse into a separate stall for feeding, and turning them out two or more times per day. Just keep them in the common turnout or paddock or drylot, and let the FeedMaster computerized automatic feeding system keep track of which horse gets what rations! Your horses can develop healthy natural herd social structures, absolutely necessary for your horse's improved performance, friendly and cooperative attitude, and its mental and physical health.
  • Improved Digestion and Metabolism: By feeding each horse up to 20 times per day exactly what each horse needs during that hour, you can save up to 42% on feed costs, according to published University Research in Europe. The improved digestion and metabolism directly results from feeding your horses in the manner that their unique digestive and metabolic systems require.
  • Free yourself from the tyrrany of your horses' feeding regimen: Once you are liberated from the constant measuring rations-bringing in the horses-feeding-turning them out routine, you may concentrate on your real reasons for owning a horse: training, riding, bonding, and enjoying your horse's company.
  • It's the 21st century, and you no longer must choose between control of each horse's diet, or an attentive, cooperative and healthy horse. The Active Stable incorporates the FeedMaster automated feeding system for individual horses maintained in a herd. The Active Stable concept incorporates several factors into its design. The grounds' layout separates the grain/concentrate/supplements feeding area or barn, paddocks and turnouts, watering area, exercise area, "wallow" area, shelters, etc. By installing a simple one-way circuit concept, your horses are constantly encouraged to stay active. The Active Stable has been proven to improve your horses' health and emotional stability: no more "hanging out at the gate waiting for the next feeding."

Please visit the HIT Company Web site at Hit-GRID Distributor Eagle Acres Farm in Winthrop, Washington for more detailed information.

Or, send me an email with a request for information. Please include your location (city and state), your telephone number (if you wish for me to call you), and the best time of day to call.


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