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About this website, and Trellix Web v. 2.7
About this website, and Trellix Web v. 2.7

This website was designed
exclusively and entirely using
Version 2.7
by a complete novice.

I selected this software application because of its site map, its ease of use, and the high level of technical support that Trellix affords its users.

If you would like to use this software, please read on while I briefly explain why I decided to use Trellix.

It requires no special training. This is the first website I have ever designed using a PC based program, one where you actually build it on your own computer, and then upload it to a server.  I had made a few "Homepage" and "AOL Hometown" pages, the cookie-cutter kind where you use your browser to log on to their website, and actually build the "Homepage" on their computer.  The trouble with these is the severe limitations they put on customizing our sites.  We cannot make the sites they offer fit our needs, we must make our needs fit their sites.  I have also tried out several other software packages, like FrontPage, Corel Suite 9 2000, Microsoft Home Publishing, etc.
Those formats couldn't do what I wanted them to do.  They had too many limitations.  I wanted to add as many pages as I wanted, make the pages any size I wanted.  I needed a website with a professional appearance. I wanted to use special fonts, colors, backgrounds, graphics of any type and size.  The PC based programs were not user-friendly, with poorly written "Help Files" and Tutorials, all written in the inscrutable terminology of "geekspeak."  Here is what I have observed happens when technology companies allow their engineers to write the "Help Files" and Tutorials.  You get:

"People who cannot write
writing "Help" for people who do not need help."
~Mark A. Rector

With Trellix, I can manage my own site. I wanted to build the pages at my own pace, on my own schedule, without fighting the "web traffic" during the busy periods.  If I got an idea of how I wanted to change something, I could turn on my computer right then and make the changes!  Exactly when I wanted the changes!!  And they ended up looking exactly the way I wanted them to look!!! Imagine that.
Most importantly, I wanted complete control over my site.  In order to get a "Professional" appearance, I knew I would need to use a professional web design program.  That meant I would need to do one of two things: either teach myself how to design real websites, or hire someone else to do it for me. But I didn't like the idea of paying someone else to make changes at their convenience, when they finally got around to it.  And then, the changes they finally made weren't what I really wanted, they looked "slapdash" or "just thrown together."  If you have ever paid someone to "design" your website, you know what I mean.  Many people do a good job, but it takes forever and the customer eventually gets a "thumbs up or thumbs down" sayso.   The trouble is, they don't know your business like you know your business.  After you've had a few days to see the site someone else designed for you for, you will decide you would like to change a few things.  It is inevitable, and  then you have to pay the designer to make the changes and wait forever again.  With Trellix, I have complete control over every aspect of my website! Immediately!!
Trellix is completely customizable.  If you want Guest Books, Counters, a Bulletin Board, a Weather feature, Interactive Maps, Chat Rooms, search engines, music playing on your site or videos of the Filly you have for sale, whatever you want: Trellix makes it easy to do.  You may use all the bells and whistles that Trellix or one of its partners provides for free, or you can make your own, or you can go on the internet and copy shareware and free stuff.  This program makes inserting these utilities, HTML codes and extras easy.  I don't know HTML or JavaScript or XML or any of those computer languages.  I do it in English on my computer screen, and let Trellix convert it all into the correct web formats.

Here are several options you have,
with links directly to those pages
(It's a large site, if you would like to search the entire Trellix Web Site, click here
Use the links below if you don't want to seach the site to find these pages)

Find out how to get your free copy of
Trellix Web 2.7
"How do I get Trellix?
The Tripod version of Trellix is available by download or on CD-ROM. All of the information that you need to get started is located at:

Free hosting with a Trellix partner, download the Trellix free
(advertising placed by the host, some sold to other firms)
You pay for the hosting, download Trellix for free
(Trellix advertises, you can post whatever you want)
More info on this page, here is the link to the page with downloads:
on this page there is a choice between free and paid hosting

Please tell them that I sent you.

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