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Cute Horse Pictures from our visitors

Dona writes:
This is Kickapoo's Nickelodeon (Kris's "Blazer's" Pop)
as a weanling. If you are wondering what he's a red "union suit" (longjohns)complete with "trap-door" in the rear!
I used to put my Minis in a local parade at the "Great Outdoor Underwear Festival". read it right!   LOL...this was a very unique festival where everyone was encouraged to wear their best "nightwear". There was even a clothesline strung down Main Street with "undies" from famous people hanging on it, that would be auctioned off to the highest bidders! One year there was even a write-up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal about this festival!
Anyway....I have always liked this pic because of the way the Belgian gelding is staring at Nikki. Looks like he's trying to figure out exactly what he is!

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