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EIA:  Equine Infectious Anemia

Other Horse Resources
Other Horse Resources
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If there is a site that you think ought to be logged here, please send me an email with the address.   Hopefully this page will become a library of website addresses useful to horse owners and breeders:

Most Recent Links:

This AAEP web site should be your second place to look for information about your horse's health (Your own HorseDoc is always your first option):

Holistc Horsekeeping at
Free newsletters and articles on holistic care of horses and mules.  
Includes information on homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition.
Also includes mule training stories.  
"We encourage the sharing of this information with as many people as possible."  ~Dr. Madalyn Ward, DVM
The articles at the Purdue Extension are Readable!
To visit undoubtedly the best University Web site in the world for Agriculture, try this link.  Purdue University is the premiere Agriculture and Veterinary Science Institution in the world, in my opinion.  Most importantly, the Ag School's Web site is fully searchable, most articles are offered in ".PDF" (Adobe Acrobat) format for easy viewing and printing, and the library is voluminous!
 It's not like other School's web sites!
Check out all the Purdue Agricultural publications.
This page lists hundreds of categories, with links to thousands of articles. And you can use the search engine!


 New: EPM vaccine in the works
The following was excerpted from the Horsepower newsletter 02-15-01:
"The USDA-APHIS has announced that it has issued a six-month conditional license to Fort Dodge Laboratories, Inc. for a vaccine intended to aid in the prevention of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM). Visit <> for more information. AAEP supports a strong veterinary-client relationship founded on mutual trust and the mutual goal of improving the health and welfare of the horse which involves the use of safe and effective products."
NOTE: This document is from the USDA; you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to access this article. Click here for more info (on this website) about Adobe Reader.

EquiSeek has a multitude of horsey links
Vote for this site "Top Ten at EquiSeek"

 Mission Statement
Our mission is to assist horse owners protect their horses from worms. This mission will be accomplished through the development of a worm control program designed for their specific needs. This will be carried out through periodic microscopic examination of their horse’s fecal samples for the eggs produced by adult worms in the intestinal tracts of their horses.
NOTE:  If you ever wanted to kow anything about worms and horses, take a look at this site, provided by Dr. John Byrd, DVM, Owner and President
 University of Missouri-Columbia
If you want to research a specific disease or syndrome, try this link:
College of Veterinary Medicine

Horse Color Genetics
Color Codes and Patterns
From the Genetics Wizards at the University of California-Davis
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (click on the titles below)
Gene Mapping
Coat Color
Genetic Disorders and Diagnostic tests
Horse Parentage Testing

(I built the Web Site myself)

Search a ton of published articles.

Dr. Cliff Zucco, DVM
Specializing in pre-purchase consultations and lameness

Featuring Hundreds of member sites,
And the largest Equine database I have found.
...from literature to breeding, from castles to farriers...
"More grain, less chaff"

The best site I have found for Free Horse Clipart
Thanks to Virtual Horse Graphics for the art and animations.

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Thanks to our friends and new partner in Europe, BEFF® Best Equestrian Footing Fibers...
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