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Foaling Schedule
Foaling Schedule, Prenatal: Two Months  in Advance up to the Expected Due Date
The Big Day: Things to do on the day the foal hits the ground
Starting One Week after Foaling: Milk Drawdown, Vaccinations, Planning Weaning, etc.
Weaning Time: Weaing Methods and planning, Feeding, and Maintenance onYyoung Foals
Downloading this Schedule: Adobe (PDF), WordPerfect (WPD), Ms Word (DOC) and (RTF)

Preparations before and leading up to foaling

2 months in advance . . .
remove mares from fescue pasture and hay
vaccinate to booster immunity if not already done according to reminders
evaluate body condition; start feeding a minimum of 4 lbs. of grain

1 month in advance . . .
administer vitamin E and selenium
vaccinate with tetanus toxoid if not already done according to reminders
check for Caslick’s surgery
Review breeding/due dates

 2 weeks in advance . . .
examine udder for filling

For 1st  time foaling (maiden) mares . . .
massage udder with vitamin E oil, Bag Balm or Vaseline to prepare for the feel of nursing, clean between teats,
if no activity in udder:
start on Domperidone

inventory foaling supplies:
antibiotic/iron/vitamins A, D, and E injection
tetanus antitoxin
iodine solution/soap
Ivermectin base dewormer
tail wrap
choose a birthing center (inside/outside?)
Review imprinting procedures
review foaling video

1 week in advance . . .
examine the udder on “experienced” mares (those foaling for the second time, or more)
If no udder activity for experienced mares, CALL US IMMEDIATELY!
start on Domperidone
review “2 weeks in advance . . .”  section above