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Foaling Guide, Page 2

Newborn Guide and Foaling Schedule:
Foaling Guide, Page 2
Foaling Guide, Page 2

Foaling Schedule, Prenatal: Two Months  in Advance up to the Expected Due Date
The Big Day: Things to do on the day the foal hits the ground
Starting One Week after Foaling: Milk Drawdown, Vaccinations, Planning Weaning, etc.
Weaning Time: Weaing Methods and planning, Feeding, and Maintenance onYyoung Foals
Downloading this Schedule: Adobe (PDF), WordPerfect (WPD), Ms Word (DOC) and (RTF)

 The Big Day
On The Expected Foaling Date . . .

I.  Set the wife’s alarm clock!

II.  If the wife refuses to do it all herself . . .
collect udder secretions for a foaling predictor test
examine udder . . .
if no activity . . .
and purchase:
a) a small container of Foal Lac
b) synthetic colostrum
c) oxytocin
d) continue on Domperidone
if udder is leaking milk:
a) the mare will probably lose her colostrum
b) in this case, we must blood test the foal between 4 and 24 hours after foaling for the presence of sufficient antibodies
If teats are waxing:
a) look for muscle relaxation of hips on either side of tail,
b) observe the mare walking (to avoid false alarm)

things to do immediately . . .

I.  find your healthy foal on the ground, usually up and nursing

II. administer . . .
a) injection
b) TAT
c) enema, and
d) treat the navel

III. imprint, observe
a) collect and examine and/or save the placenta
b) deworm the new mother with an Ivermectin-based paste

things to do shortly after  foaling . . .

I. 12 hours post foaling . . .

Examine and milk the udder, and find one of three conditions:
a) PURE WHITE MILK [see “a” below]

II. After examining the udder and the milk . . .
a) If the milk issued by the new mother is PURE WHITE MILK (accept absolutely no substitutes), you will see a happy foal that is either sleeping, snooping around, or occasionally nursing, and passing a yellow soft stool
b)  If you cannot milk anything from the udder, or if you milk out  ANYTHING other than PURE WHITE MILK . . .
set yourself an imaginary timetable of 24 hours, this is how long the foal will survive without milk or supplementation
Start the mare on Domperidone . . .
1 per day for three days
1/2 per day for four more days
Give synthetic colostrum, without colostrum the foal has not received antibodies and will become sick!
If the foal is born energy deficient
start on Foal Lac
feed the Foal Lac every 3 hours for first 3 weeks
Leave the foal with the mare – to allow bonding and to stimulate the udder – 3 days. The foal will nurse continuously.
Observe the foal for straining/constipation; you will need to administer an enema every other feeding until you see yellow stool.
Observe the foal for
swelling in any joint
You will see septicemia in 3 to 4 days due to stress and lack of colostrum, energy.  Administer . . .
~ Plasma IV
~ Antibiotics

After feeding the baby 8 times per day – even for only 3 days – plus the cost of Foal Lac, synthetic colostrum, Domperidone, Oxytocin, and so on, promise yourself to pay closer attention to the mare’s udder next year!

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