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Foaling Schedule Page 3

Newborn Guide and Foaling Schedule:
Foaling Schedule Page 3
Foaling Schedule Page 3
Foaling Schedule, Prenatal: Two Months  in Advance up to the Expected Due Date
The Big Day: Things to do on the day the foal hits the ground
Starting One Week after Foaling: Milk Drawdown, Vaccinations, Planning Weaning, etc.
Weaning Time: Weaing Methods and planning, Feeding, and Maintenance onYyoung Foals
Downloading this Schedule: Adobe (PDF), WordPerfect (WPD), Ms Word (DOC) and (RTF)

1 week post foaling . . .

I. To reduce milk flow in the mare that is milking normally, drastically reduce the grain intake for the next week.

II.  If you are tempted to breed her back on foal heat:
Bring the mare in for uterine examination, flushing
Then, 9 days after foaling, introduce the mare to the stallion
10 days after foaling . . .
~ Breed the mare (if she cooperates)
~ Administer oxytocin 12 hours after breeding (if she did cooperate)
12 days past foaling . . .
~ Tease the mare, to see if she will stand for another breeding
~ If she will stand for the stallion again, repeat the procedure above in 10 days after foaling ...”     

14 days post foaling . . .

I.  Start increasing grain rations to the mare again.

II.  Use her body condition to guide you concerning the amount of grain she receives over the next three months.

30 days post foaling . . .

I.  Deworm the foal with a paste wormer

II.  Evaluate the foal’s . . .
body condition
and gait

60 days post foaling . . .

I.  Have a creep feeder available

II.  Deworm the foal with a different paste wormer, or start it on Strongid C

III.  Start on vaccinations: tetanus, sleeping sickness, influenza, rhinopneumonitis, strangles (Potomac Horse Fever)

IV.  Trim feet to correct any crooked legs, regardless how minor the deviation

V.  Prepare the family for surgery on stud colts, which should give you 30 more days of “preparation time” for the 90 days post foaling procedure

VI.  Administer booster vaccinations, as well as initial rabies vaccination

VII.  If not on Strongid C . . .
deworm the foal with a different paste wormer
continue this at monthly intervals, alternating different paste wormers

VIII.  You may wean the fillies and lucky stud colts at this time if . . .
the foals weigh 300 lbs., and
if the foals are eating grain (the mares’ milk is decreasing at this time, just as the foals’ needs are increasing)

IX.  Schedule castration for stud colts, and plan to wean them two weeks after that time

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