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Foaling Schedule Page 4

Newborn Guide and Foaling Schedule:
Foaling Schedule Page 4
Foaling Schedule Page 4
Foaling Schedule, Prenatal: Two Months  in Advance up to the Expected Due Date
The Big Day: Things to do on the day the foal hits the ground
Starting One Week after Foaling: Milk Drawdown, Vaccinations, Planning Weaning, etc.
Weaning Time: Weaing Methods and planning, Feeding, and Maintenance onYyoung Foals
Downloading this Schedule: Adobe (PDF), WordPerfect (WPD), Ms Word (DOC) and (RTF)

Weaning . . .

I.  Schedule weaning when you can wean several foals at same time.
If weaning one foal . . .
~ leave it with other horses and/or in familiar surroundings
~ move the mare out of the foal’s range of hearing.
If there are no other horses on the farm . . .
~ rent a padded cell for 48 hours (for yourself),
~ and be there to provide support for the “traumatized” foal

II.  Have grain available to help offset hunger pangs . . .
do not provide grain “free choice” unless they are already on full feed
have a good hay available free choice
Provide a loose mineral
III.  Provide free choice exercise: this time is critical for strong bone development

Once daily
after weaning the latest worldbeater foals . . .          

I.  Catch, halter, and brush the foals
II.  Examine their feet and hooves
Your farrier and your HorseDoc will appreciate it

© 2003 Dr.  Robert L.  Leonard, DVM, AAEP
The Animal Clinic and Equine Center
West Plains, Missouri

For reprint requests
please contact Dr.  Leonard requesting permission before republication.

This guide is available at
If you wish to copy this guide to give it to
a friend or acquaintance, please feel free.
However,  please include this copyright information.

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