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Instructions, info about using this site.
Instructions, info about using this site.

I have attempted to place each article in an appropriate category, "Diet," Health," "Wounds," etc.
However, some of the articles deal with varying subjects.
That is why I am including this page,
to help you find what you want faster.

 Use the Image Site Map!  Click here to find out how to use the map.

 Use the "Outline Site Map" page  (Click here for the "Table of contents")
See a list of the article titles.
You can then select the article you want, click on the title, and it will take you directly to that page.

 If you rather, you may use our search engine.
It will open in a new window.
Enter the topic you wish to search for, and hit "Enter."
Once you are on that page, it will not remember what page you came from.  If you want to come back to this page, use the "Back Arrow" on your browser.

 Use the "Index of all Topics" page to see a list of the article categories.
It will have a list of all of the general categories of articles.  
You can then select the general type of articles you want to see.
Click on any one of the "Main Topic Pages" listed there to go to that group of articles.

 Use the "Main Topic Pages." [Diet, More Diet Topics, Health Issues,
Foal's Health Issues, etc.]   Click here for more about "The Main Topic Pages"
Once you are on that page, you will see a list of all the articles included in that category.
It will list the titles of each article, along with a brief description of the issues dealt with in that article.
You can then "Click" on the article's title to go directly to that page.

 Use the "links" embedded inside the highlighted text of an article.
The links will take you to a different article that discusses the same topic.

If all else fails
You may use the "Navigation arrows" at the bottom each page.
Remember, the arrows at the bottom of each page take you to the "Next" page.  If you are on one of the Main Topic Pages, and you click the title of an article to go to that article, the buttons at the bottom of that page do not know where you came from, so they will not take you  back to the Main Topic Page (unless it just happens to be the "Next" page up).
In order to go "Back" to the exact page you just came from,
You may go "Back and forth" between the "Main Topic Pages" and the articles listed there by always using your browsers "Back" arrow to get back to the Main Topic Page.
To go from one Main Topic Page to the next Main Topic Page, you may use the Right and Left arrows at the bottom of the page.
 How to use the Image Site Map:
The little square icons that appear in the Image Site Map represent pages in this website.
Every page has a square in the map above.
Each article has its own page, and each page appears on the map above as a square.
There is a "Label" that appears next to each page in the map above, briefly describing the content in that article.
When you "Hover" your mouse cursor over the page in the map above, another little box appears, with more info about the article on that page.
All you need to do is "Click" on the little square in the map above to go to that page, NO GOING UP & DOWN, BACK & FORTH IS NEEDED!
You can "scroll" the map, if not all of it appears on your computer screen.
Select an article that you're interested in and click on either the title or square Icon to go to that article.

 If a map does not appear
You may be using an older browser version.  
Go to your browser's "home" site, and find their "Upgrade" or "Download" website.  Upgrades are free, and they almost always work much better.
Until then, you may still use the "Index of all Topics" and "Main Topic Page" to find the articles you want.  
You may also use the navigation arrows that appear at the bottom of each page, but they will only take you to the "Next" page up or down, right or left.
If you ever want to go "Back" to the page you were at last, use the "Back" arrow on your browser; the one at the bottom of each page will take you to the "Next" page instead.           BACK TO THE TOP

 If the map appears, but it looks funny or it blurs when I try to "Scroll" it.
This is best viewed using Netscape, version 4.75 or higher; or InternetExplorer version 5.5 or higher.
You may try upgrading to a newer browser, they are free at the company's Home website.
AOL does not support this site map very well in the 5.0 or lower versions.
Until then, refer to the instructions above, "If a map does not appear"  BACK TO THE TOP

 How to use the links
In many of the articles, as you read them, there will be "Links" to other articles that talk about the same subject highlighted there.
A little "Hand" icon will appear over that text when you "Hover" your mouse over the linked text.
Click on that part of the text, where the "hand" is hovering, and it will take you directly to the related article.
IMPORTANT:  the "Back arrow" button on that page will not take you back to the page you were reading before you clicked on the link. USE YOUR BROWSER'S "BACK" BUTTON TO GO BACK TO THE PAGE YOU WERE LAST VISITING.          BACK TO THE TOP

 More about the Main Topic Pages
Each "Main Topic Page" page will have a list of articles that are related.
That list will include the  titles of all the articles in that particular category, with brief descriptions.
If you find an article you want to read or print, just click on the article's title in that page, it will take you there automatically.
Again, use your browser's "back" button if you wish to return to this Main Topic Page, after you have read the article.  If you wish, once you are on the page with the article you wanted, you may use the arrows to go up and down, back and forth, within the map to the next article.           BACK TO THE TOP

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