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Added 11/12/02 Comparing Hay Quality
Added 10/30/02 Shopping for Stallions some advantages of using Artificial Insemination over Natural Breeding
Added 11/6/01 Arthritis And Joints
Added 11/6/01 Dobbins Special Needs (special precautions for hot weather)

Added 11/13/01 Weaning Junior
Added 11/13/01 The Portugal Trip Horsemanship in another land

Added 11/20/01 Winter reminders Vaccinations, deworming, fescue, etc.

Added 11/27/01 Winter Precautions 2
Added 2/18/02  Springtime and Breeding
To Go Barefoot or Not ["To Shoe or Not To Shoe," removing the shoes during winter...]
Winter reminders Vaccinations, deworming, fescue, etc.

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Client Tip Sheets
The Treatments and Medications we use, and why we use them...
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