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At Lazy R Ranch Enterprises, we also offer custom designs for miniature horse stalls, barns, facilities and outdoor shelter systems.  We know how difficult it is for the owner and breeder of minis to find appropriate gear, tack, and equipment.

Don't settle for 'second-best' or the industry standard,  "we'll buy regular horse panels and stalls, and customize them ourselves"  (or Plan B - "whatever-we-can-find-that-we-can-make-work' ).
 Buy only what you need today, with the option of expanding later if necessary (more may be necessary later, ask any mini breeder).
If you move, load them onto a truck and take them with you.  
Or sell them to a neighbor or friend.
Or leave them for the new barn owner - they may be converted back into regular-sized stock stalls.

Perhaps most importantly for the miniature horse breeder is our equipment's adaptability and expandable, modular concept.  So many mini-horse breeders initially intend to get 'only one or two.'  
Within a couple of years, they have a farm full.  My father RD Rector (founder of Lazy R Ranch) originally intended to get only a couple to have around the farm in his retirement.  Within a few years he had over 50 head (50 head of any horse no longer qualifies as a 'retirement hobby,' it's at least a couple of full time jobs).
Lazy R Ranch Miniature Horse Barns and Stalls - durable and convertible.Coming Soon ...

American Miniature Horse Barn and Stall Systems

Real sturdy ...
... for real horses

Portable (take the mini barn with you if you move or retire - or sell it to a neighbor),
Convertible (indoors or outdoors)
Modular and expandable (add stalls or roofs, feed rooms or wash rooms as you expand)
Can easily be converted into regular size horse stalls/barn in the future.
(currently in prototype/field testing,
due in January 2009)
This advice comes from experience.  Dad relocated the Lazy R Ranch three times, and every time he had to build a new equine barn for the miniature horses.  
Of course, when he moved each time he left behind the mini-horse facilities.  And, when the new owner took over, they had some really nice sheep or hog pens (they were too small for regular horses).  
Too bad he didn't get miniature horse stalls and/or barns the first time.  If he had, he could have disassembled the mini barn, loaded it onto a truck, and taken it with him!
When he moved from KoshKonong to Cabool, Missouri: Instead of building a completely new barn in Cabool, Missouri, he could then have trailered over his mini-equine barn with him.
When his herd grew to 50 head: he could have just added on to the already existing miniature horse stalls and barn.
Now, instead of building a third mini horse barn in Bastrop, Louisisana: we could have moved the existing mini-barn from Cabool, or sold part or all of it to another miniature horse breeder somewhere else in the country.

If you buy a miniature horse stall, barn or paddock shelter, and later need to get out of the business, you can sell the entire mini-horse barn system to another mini breeder, and retrieve your investment.  
Whether you are just starting out with 'a mini or two now,' or if you already have a herd and need a solidly built barn for miniature horses, the expandable and portable mini equine stable concept is probably your best option.  
And best of all, the cost will be about the same as building a permanent structure.  Maybe less ...

 [p.s. at last count - January 2001 - there were Lazy R Ranch -bred minis in almost every state of the union, and at that time 34 breeders of miniature horses bought their very first mini from the Lazy R Ranch.  The get from the LRR main stallion - Komokos Sir Elegant - has become highly prized.  Sir threw to many of his foals a genetic marker for curly coats.  Breeders of an entire new strain of minis, the quickly growing in popularity "Curly Minis" line, are seeking Komokos Sir Elegant's offspring.  See the Rector Family Farm Legacy Stallion - Lazy R Ranch X Marks the Spot]

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