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The archived newspaper columns "Equine Notes," by Dr. Robert Leonard, DVM
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"Dr. Bob" is the foremost authority on equine Veterinary Science in this part of the world, and has written an informative and timely weekly column since the early 1980's. The site has lots of reader-friendly artiicles covering a wide range of horse-related topics, especialy husbandry and health, with a site search engine and message board.  More articles will be added as fast as I can type.
Richard Rector, Owner/Breeder and Lazy R Ranch Founder, passed away July 31, 2000.  He had been raising horses since the 1930's, when he was a child in Montgomery County of Indiana.  Since his retirement in 1985, he had been raising miniature horses in the Missouri Ozarks.  His widow, Audrey Rector, has moved the Lazy R Ranch to her home in Louisiana, to be closer to her family.

LRR-bred Miniature Horses are now in almost every state of the union.  Thirtyfour current breeders of Minis originally purchased their very first mini from the LRR.

We will be providing new photos and information about the ranch very soon.  Until then, we hope you enjoy some of these pictures from the Lazy R Ranch in Missouri.
On these pages you may view Pictures and Pedigrees of the fine, tiny, high-bred Miniature Horses Richard and Audrey have raised.
Lazy R Ranch Founder Richard Rector, with son Mickey at his wedding.
LEFT R-L: RD Rector, Fred Navarra of Little Flint Ranch, and son Mickey at his wedding.
A young Richard Rector in the 1930's, on top, while sister Betty braces . . .
Contact: Mark Rector
Cell Phone #: (765) 532-4606
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