Mark Alan Rector
2524 Poland Hill Road
Lafayette, I N   47909
PHONE: (765) 471-2756

OBJECTIVE:    To find a challenging, progressive career in
Foodservice Management or Sales

I have extensive successful experience in the hospitality industry, especially in foodservice management.  I am a dedicated, productive, innovative, and honest employee.  I excel in operating high-volume businesses profitably and professionally within company guidelines.  I have superior math and verbal skills, excelling in communications, employee development, problem solving(click here for example),  and all areas of general management.  Wherever I have been employed I have excelled in my assigned job functions, while expanding my areas of responsibility and performance.

Although I am most experienced in the hospitality industry, I am considering other long-term career challenges which offer potential for advancement as well.  I am confident that I will excel in any position, and invite offers from other industries.  

I consider these to be among my strong points:

Decision-making skills.  I possess the proper business values and a sense of priorities, while maintaining a sense of urgency concerning customer satisfaction.
 Intelligence and problem solving skills.  I am quick and observant, with the ability to conceive, formulate, and execute new strategies and solutions.
 Diligence, consistency, and attention to detail.  I appreciate working in established systems with set procedures and goals.  I was often told by vendor representatives that I ran the most organized purchasing department they had ever seen.
 A natural talent for operations management.  Possessing a keen ability to observe an operation and to recognize its various functions, I enjoy analyzing systems and planning improvements where applicable.
 Inventiveness, and creativity.  I love a challenge.  I have many ideas I would like to see implemented, even if I do not directly gain from them.  The pure enjoyment I derive from well-planned and executed projects is exhilarating to me.
 Human relations skills.  I am not afraid to supervise employees directly, to congratulate as well as to correct, while teaching them to excel at their jobs.  I have no hesitation in making decisions, and saying, “Follow me.”  I am a straightforward, hands-on, open-minded and fair, decisive supervisor; my employees have always respected and trusted in my judgment.
 I view the big picture.  I strongly believe in teamwork and achieving goals.  In the long run, we all win when one of us wins.


Term of employment:
May 1999 to October 1999   
Previous employer:
Riehle Bros. Tavern & Athletic Club
2270 Concord Road   
Lafayette, IN 47909
(765) 474-4499
General Manager  $35,000/year

While employed at Riehle Bros. I was instrumental in developing the Food & Beverage service into a full-scale full-service restaurant operation.  I excelled in improving service, food quality, atmosphere, and consistency.  Although I enjoyed my time at Riehle Brothers, I wanted to change my lifestyle. I left the position when the owner and I agreed that it would be in both our interests.

Since leaving Riehle Bros., I have tried a couple of jobs in telephone sales.  I do not consider them to be true “work experience,” but rather training for a future sales job in foodservice.  I realized it would be necessary to have some sales experience, even though I already had extensive foodservice management and purchasing experience.  Since May, 1999 I Have been in Cabool, Missouri managing my father's farm, he had become ill and was no longer to care for the farm or livestock.  After he passed away July 31, I remained to sell the ranch and horses, and to build a commercial web site for some business acquaintances in Missouri.  I have now bought a home in Boswell, Indiana, and am continuing with my career.]

Term of employment:
December 1984 to September 1998
Previous employer:
Garden of the Gods Club
[A division of Hunt Petroleum Co.]
3320 Mesa Road    
Colorado Springs, CO 80904-1677
(800) 923-8838

Director of Purchasing
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The Garden of  the Gods Club is an exclusive private club and resort.  It provides golf, tennis, swimming, elegant dining, complete spa and health facilities, luxurious hotel accommodations including fairway golf cottages and mountain resorts, in one of America's most beautiful settings.  While employed there I was responsible for all central purchasing.  The club underwent a complete reconstruction in 1994-1996, as did the golf club (Kissing Camels Club) in 1998.  I manage the purchasing, receiving, storage, distribution, EOM inventory and cost analyses, various accounting functions [including purchase orders, delivery receipts, invoicing, invention and maintenance of source document ledgers, line-item descriptions and specific details of purchased products, budget development and analysis, special project cost projections with comparisons and alternatives, etc.], as well as being a general ombudsman for the other department managers.

I volunteered my expertise to other department managers within the company whenever I was needed.  When anyone in the company had a question or problem--whether a colleague or an hourly employee--I was the first person approached for assistance.  The reason people came to me: because I got things done and problems solved.

I left employment to return to Lafayette in order to be nearer to my family, many of whom had become elderly or infirm, as well as to pursue other potential careers.  I left the company upon excellent terms [please see Shirley Griffey, and Judy Lenberg under “references”].

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Term of employment:
September 1991 to December 1995
Previous employer:
Colorado Springs Sheraton
 2886 S. Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80914
(719) 576-5900   
Hotel Banquet Waiter
[1-2 shifts/week] circa $5K/yr

I continued in front-line service because I enjoyed the work.  I left this position after four years in order to concentrate on the opening of the new facilities at Garden of the Gods Club [my supervisor during that time is no longer there, you may contact Carole Pierce, Director of Human Resources, for reference confirmation].

Term of employment:
November 1982 to November 1984    
Previous employer:
Love for Abused Children and Parents Foundation
Business Manager Unsalaried

A longtime friend, Ruby Brookshire, asked me to help her in organizing and running this nonprofit [501,C,3] foundation.  Although I had no prior experience in this type of concern, I believed it was important enough for me to help her in whatever way she requested.  After two years at LACPF the organization developed outside support from the private sector.  This foundation is now defunct, its function having been fulfilled by other organizations within Colorado Springs as a result of our efforts.  

Term of employment:
November 1982 to September 1989
Previous employer:
Chi Chi's Mexican Restaurant
1720 N. Academy Blvd.  
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
(719) 597-8806
Waiter/Bartender Part-time $150--$250/week

I accepted this position so that I would be able to work only evenings and weekends.  While employed at Chi Chi's I was a dining room shift leader (similar to a headwaiter) and relief bartender.  It was the busiest restaurant in Colorado Springs, and my previous expertise in such operations proved invaluable.  I left employment there after seven years in order to take some time off from working two jobs.

Term of employment:
July, 1976   to October 1982  
Previous employer:
Red Lobster Inns of America
PO Box 59330   
Orlando, FL  32859-3330  
(800) 562-7837
General Manager $22.5K/yr + Bonus
[Net c. $30k/year]

While managing restaurants for the premiere full-service chain in America, I advanced quickly through the management ranks.  I excelled in supervising every area of the operation.  The company used my expertise in improving underperforming operations.  I believed strongly in the company standards of Quality, Value, and Service, and ensured that each operation I supervised achieved and exceeded those standards. I also excelled in problem solving and decision making, I was innovative and creative in my approach to management objectives.  I am a problem solver by nature, and relish challenging opportunities within a meritocracy.  I was promoted to General Manager by Mr. Barry Decker [Mr. Decker is no longer with the company, please see Rod Gaskill or Dave Urbanski under references].  Unfortunately, the constant transfers became unacceptable.  I left the company upon excellent terms.

Garden of the Gods Club, (800) 923-8838
Ms. Judy Lenberg, Chef, Kissing Camels Club
 Ms. Shirley Griffey, Laundry Supervisor, EXT. 5261
Sheraton Hotel, (719) 576-5900
 Ms. Carole Pierce, Director of Human Resources
SYSCO Foodservice (303) 458-4000
 Mr. Chuck Whalen, DSM, EXT 7524, pager (719) 389-8537
Shamrock Foods (303) 289-3595
 Mr. Joel Smith, Marketing Associate, EXT 8287, pager (719) 389-8537
Red Lobster, Central Office (800) 562-7837
 Mr. Dave Urbanski, District Manager, contact in Lafayette through work at (765) 447-5056, or at home at (765) 296-3292, or Central Office above; Address: 21 Hunter’s Ridge, Lafayette, IN 47905
 Mr. Rod Gaskill, General Manager, Tulsa, Oklahoma, contact through Work at (918) 496-3323 (or Central Office)

In Colorado

 Mr. Joel Smith, (719) 531-7450, cell 531-0685
 Mr. Mark Quigley, (719) 598-4710
 Ms. Anna Romesberg, (719) 637-3136
In Indiana
 Mr. Mickey Rector, brother, (765) 762-8140, Attica
 Mrs. William "Lois" Long, (765) 447-8112
 Mr. Fred Navarra, Days at Kerkhoff Associates of Otterbein at (765) 572-2729, Evenings at home in West Point(765) 583-4491

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