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Fred Navarra, Proprietor
Little Flint Ranch
(W-W Livestock Systems dealer in Northern Indiana and Illinois)
8706 W 700 S
West Point, IN 47905
Phone: (765) 572-1149
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Little Flint Ranch Contact Form:
The form below is ONLY for W-W Customers/clients in either Indiana and Illinois.
For W-W customers in other parts of the world, please contact WW Manufacturing directly, or contact your local W-W dealer or retail store.
You may also use the form to ask about our other equine, agricultural, or dairy products and services - if you wish.

FEEDBACK: We welcome your comments.  If you wish, please send an email to
Information about W-W Livestock Systems products and services is no longer promoted at this web site.  We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers, or to the American consumers at large.  At the request of W-W Livestock Systems, we are no longer able to refer you to the company - or to any specific W-W dealership - in any way.

W-W still provides, in our opinion, the best quality of cattle and equine equipment of this type.  Our removal of the W-W equipment from this web site does not in any way lessen our opinion, and this should in no way affect your opinion of the W-W products.  We do not disparage their products - or their products' reputation for quality, dependability, durability or safety - in any way.

TO LOCATE A SOURCE OF W-W LIVESTOCK SYSTEMS PRODUCTS: May we suggest that you use your local telephone book, Google, Yahoo!, MSN or your favorite search engine to locate a source of W-W Livestock Systems products and services?  At the insistence of the W-W management, we are not allowed to refer you to them, to their sales force, or to the W-W staff.

PLEASE NOTE:  Until the search engines update their indexes, the web pages located at this web site may continue to appear in their results, when you search for W-W Livestock Systems products, such as "squeeze chutes" or "equine barns" or  "portable rodeo arenas" etc.  We have no control over the search engines.

Neither is it the fault of the Search Engines themselves, please do not blame them for the inconvenience.  They were merely attempting to provide you with search results that were relevant to you.  It will take them some time to update their indexes of the web pages at this and similar web sites, which formerly provided over 1,500 pages of pictures and information about the W-W Livestock Systems cattle equipment, horse barns and stalls, and rodeo equipment.  To the best of our knowledge, we have removed all copyrighted images and text from this web site.  If the W-W Corporate web site does not appear on the search engines, it is entirely the fault of the W-W Management Personnel that are responsible for their web site, its development and design, and its promotion.
FEEDBACK: We welcome your comments.  If you wish, please send an email to


The original agricultural and equestrian footing and flooring grid system.

The original agricultural and equestrian footing and flooring grid system.

 HoofGrid   Footing and Flooring Systems Permanent Paddock Solutions for horses, cattle, public of private facilities  and more . . .