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TerraPen™ Round Pen Covers  ... Attractive, Affordable Year-Round Training Facility.
NOTE: we do not sell these roundpen covers any more.
We moved the Lazy R Ranch back home to Indiana.
We used to be in the Monroe, Washington area.
The Washington State motto: Visit the Washington Rain Festival January 1st to December 31st.
If you want an all-weather, all-purpose indoor or outdoor riding arena, why not check out the BEFF® equestrian arena footing fibers?
Yes, we left the pretty pictures on the website. Aren't they nice looking?
For these types of over-engineered roundpen covers, expect to spend in the range of $30,000 to $50,000 or more for one of these (or you could look into a Pony Wall — a lot cheaper and ususally these are exactly what you need).
Or, you could contact a contractor about one of those German-Style all-weather outdoor riding arena, if you still have that $30,000 to $50,000 or more lying around with nothing to spend it on.
Or, you could check a better option, maybe a Do It Yourself outdoor or indoor all-weather, State-of-the-Science riding arena for a couple thousand dollars.

Available in these sizes: 40, 50, 60 and 62 foot diameters.
* shown with optional accessory
Keep the harsh elements of the sun, wind and rain at bay with the most affordable round pen cover on the market today.
Thoughtful construction
With a unique design . . .
Above: The view from inside showing schedule 40 steel tubing trusses reinforced with Aircraft Tensioner Cables, and a six foot diameter center wind vent.
(to prevent aerodynamic lift)
These attractive and durable covers are available in your choice of heavy vinyl or woven polyethylene.
Tops available in Sand, Blackout White (opaque), or Sunny White (translucent).
Steel frames painted in your choice of color.
Did you notice? We do not sell these roundpen covers any more.
Nope. Not here any more.
TerraPen™ Roundpen Cover Information:
Cover Material spec's
Printable Brochures
Installation and delivery

Did you notice?
We do not sell these roundpen covers any more.
These were made by some local guy, LLC in Washington. He might still makes them,
financing available.

a lease-to-purchase application.