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This page will give you an idea of what is available at HorseSense.


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The Lazy R Ranch Web sites

We Have several web sites for the Lazy R Ranch, serving various purposes. This Web site, HorseSense (www.horsesense.ws) is one of them. Here is a short list to our other "Lazy R Ranch" web sites . . .
The "old" original web site, from when we were in Missouri Horse Country is in three places: it has its own Domain Name, one site is at Tripod.com, and one is hosted here on HorseSense.

  1. At Tripod: lazyrmark.tripod.com
  2. Here at HorseSense www.horsesense.ws/lazyrminis
The "new" Lazy R Ranch is in two places . . .
  1. www.lazyrminis.com
  2. And at HorseSense
There is also . . .
  1. The Tribute to Lazy R Ranch web site. It serves as an entry to my . . .
  2. Poetry Page
Additionally, there are the HorseSense Web site, for Lazy R Ranch Enterprises (this site), the Poetry and Writings Web sites.

Another Lazy R Ranch

There is another Lazy R Ranch on the Internet. It is located in Eagle Creek, Oregon. If you were looking for the Lazy R Ranch Miniature Horses in Oregon, Click Here to visit their site.


HorseSense Site Map

This Web site is divided into five parts: HorseSense by Lazy R Ranch Enterprises (this part), Horsedoc, HIT Equine Systems and Technology, Little Flint Ranch, and Lazy R Ranch.

Click on the Site Map to navigate

HorseSense, by Lazy R Ranch Enterprises www.lazyrminis.com Horsedoc, Plain Talk about Horse Health HIT Advanced Equine Technologies THE ACTIVE STABLE and HIT-GRID W-W Livestock Systems distributor for the Indiana and Illinois area. This Page at HorseSense A little about how the HorseSense site got started, etc. Our location, phone, email, mailing address, etc. The Authorized Dealer for W-W Livestock Systems, operating in Indiana and Illiois horse stalls and equine barns, all are portable, modular, and expandable. Start with a single stall barn, and expand it into a hundred stall barn without missing step . . . Built W-W STRONG, 'They'll outlast the the land, almost ... The original Lazy R Ranch Web site HIT Advanced Equine Technologies THE ACTIVE STABLE and HIT-GRID.

A note about this site map:

These are not complete lists, there are over 300 pages in Horsedoc, alone. This Site Map is provided as a good "starting point" to these sections, it is not and cannot list all of the pages available, as this site contains over 70 megabytes of information, and growing . . ]

Pages at HorseSense:

Pages at Horsedoc:

Pages at HIT Equine Technology:

I am just beginning the process of building this portion of HorseSense, it may take a few weeks. Until then, the HIT company web site is located at this address [Please Note: HIT's company Web site is a "framed" web site, therefore I can only provide links directly to the opening page at the HIT company web site.]:


The information about HIT products and services will become fully available from an American version of the Web site soon. Until then, here are a couple of brief introductions to the HIT products and services. Please visit the English Version of the HIT web site for complete details and information.
  • The Active Stable and FeedMaster automated computerized feeding system, for horses maintained in natural herds.
  • HIT-GRID c footing & flooring products

Pages at Equestrian Solutions:

Pages at Lazy R Ranch:

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