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Jockey Club: Wannabeajumper
Barn name: Rody (previously "Rory")
Competition name (hunter class & jumping): Ainít she sweet?
Grand Passage
   x by Son of a Buck
      x by Buckpasser
         x by Tom Fool
         y out of Busanda ...
            x by War Admiral
               x by Man O War ...
PDF (right click and select "Save As...")  » Download Rody-Wannabeajumper Pedigree
Rody's family album on YouTube » Grandaddy Buckpasser 1966 Horse of the Year & uncle Spend a Buck running away with the 1985 Kentucky Derby.
More International Racehorses are available at » » www.horsesense.ws/SeattleSlew
Below: A six-image photo gallery, what Rody looked like when we first aquired her ...
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For Sale: 7 year old Throuroughbred mare: Kentucky racehorse bloodlines although never raced, trained as a hunter and showjumper. Pedigree (first two were never raced) (s) Sire (topline): Grand Passage, by Son of a Buck, by Buckpasser out of Busandra by War Admiral by Man O War, by Tom Fool. Bottomline (d) Dam (bottomline): Tender Alert 86 CH, out of San Jes Hope 76 CH, out of Teepee Lass 61 RO, out of Salt 'n Pepper 51 DK GR.
Mark Rector
3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Road
Sammamish, Washington 98075
United States of America
Canadian-Bred and trained to be a hunter, Wannabeajumper is from Kentucky (Calumet Farms) Thoroughbred Bloodlines including Buckpasser, and Tom Fool, War Admiral and Man O War.
Above and Left: Shown at 7 years 2 months in age; date of photo: July 2008; body condition scoring at that time: 3.25 to 3.5
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Below: May 2009
Body condition: 5.0
Temperament: as sweet as her name implies
Attitude: ready to run like the wind and jump tall buildings, again. Last fall, jumped a 5.5 foot high horse fence just for fun, all by herself (no rider, no prompting).
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