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Orginal verse and other writings.

[Note: a brief summary of each writing appears when you hover your mouse's cursor over each title. If this "Summary Box" disappears before you have had enough time to read the summary, just move your mouse's cursor somewhere else on this page for an instant, and then point it back to the title. It will reappear.]

New topics, maybe a journal?

  1. The Audible Voice of God (Rather lengthy, this is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Download it.)
  2. A Tribute to the USA.
  3. Tonight I Cried about Him
  4. My Online Resume.

Romantic verse

  1. To You, If Ever You should Go...
  2. You Don't Have To...
  3. For Being There     This  Free Greeting card is very appropriate for little girls everywhere (Age: 3 to 103)
  4. I still think about you

More Spiritual Poetry

  1. Vanity and the Obvious
  2. This Too Shall Pass (if you read only one, read this one)
  3. A Virgin Spring
  4. rummaging through Aunt Emma's photographs. . .
  5. The Moment (Perhaps I wasn't writing it, perhaps it was writing me...)

An eclectic mix of styles

  1. The Company of Solitude
  2. The kiss of death
  3. (If you like Edgar Allen Poe, you may enjoy this)
  4. Sticks and Stones

Or, if you like to eat sometimes . . .

  1. My Recipe for Country-style, roux-based Seafood Gumbo, written in response to a request that someone once emailed to me. She was desperate for this recipe, so I wrote and emailed to her this little piece de' resistance. I've been told I should write a recipe cookbook, if only for its entertainment value.



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